Plea of the Holy Fool (circa 2003)

Help me O Lord
For I am surrounded by friends
Who seem as bad as enemies
Save me O Lord
From the twin demons
Of pride and self-hatred
They both magnify me
And place me above you
The worship from the hypocrites
Who wish to turn me
From village idiot to holy fool
Is no less a sacrilege
Than the hate from those
Who view me as empty and worthless
But it is more treacherous
Because it comes in the guise of friendship
I have loved you and will praise you
With every piece of my soul that I can muster
Help me to turn towards you
And away from lies

I could barely get myself out, let alone all of us. (Circa 2004)

Running and flapping over green grass
Flapping and pacing the isolation room
Laughing, crying, screaming
I see you everywhere
I wish I could have made
A world that wanted us
Failing that
I hope you can know
Beyond fear, hate, and despair
In the deep places most people avoid
Is the love that will help you survive