The Ghost of a Kitten

ghost of dead kitten
watches decomposing corpse
shakes with private laughs

So my friend was walking down the street.  Sie saw the decomposing corpse of a cat, which struck hir as both disgusting and sad.  Then, in hir mind’s eye, sie clearly saw the ghost of the kitten the corpse belonged to.  And something about the process of decomposition struck the kitten as unbearably funny, hence the uncontrollable laughter.  The kitten decided to sit there and watch until hir body was completely decomposed, before moving on, or whatever cats do after they die.

This was so vivid and so unexpected and unpredictable, that my friend is pretty sure it is real.  Sie doesn’t know what to make of it, though, and neither do I.  Cat humor can be exceedingly strange at the best of times.  But at least the cat didn’t seem overly disturbed by recent events..


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