“All we need is time, but time’s too damn unkind” (*)

my dad understood
the language that rocks speak
and befriended them

he was fluent in
mountain, rock, forest, star, tree
listened to them all

the week he died
I showed him my rock friends
he respected them

after he was dead
I received a package
full of granite chunks

granite connects us
sure as DNA and love
granite mountainsides 

my only regret
not sharing rock friends sooner
while we still had time


(*) Title a quote from Phideaux, from the song “Microdeath Softstar”, on the album, “Doomsday Afternoon”. To veer way off topic, Phideaux is not everyone’s cup of tea but I love them. It was through them that my best friend learned that she no longer had to try to come up with elaborate descriptions of the kind of music she liked, when doing Google searches. A Google search on “pretentious art rock” turned out to be all she needed. 😉


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