Love Song of Night

I see the shadow-edge
Of her bare shoulders in the dark
And from her slightest touch
Tremors trace a path into my soul

She whispers in my ear 
The secrets of the darkness and the night 
How night is for romance
It heightens senses of both touch and smell

And I smell on her skin
The way she smells whenever she touches me
I vibrate a deep brown chant
Beneath her skin into her chest and heart

Within my own heart I feel
A beautiful ache I do not wish to cure 
And all the stars revolve 
Around us both at this one moment now

She sings a song of night
Of stars and moons and planets whirling past
I sing a song of earth
Of dampened soil and rocks and trees and moss

We do not need to touch
To feel our hearts beat rhythms like a drum
We do not need to look
To see the wonder in each other’s eyes

We both are fully clothed
It is our souls naked to each other
The night has made it so
So we sleep curled together, hand in hand 

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