Guest Poet: Anna Baggs

My mother has been the hardest hit by my father’s death, for reasons that should be obvious. They were engaged by the time my mom was 15 and my dad was 20. When my father died, he was 72. That’s a long time together.

My mom dedicates this poem to her husband of 50 years. My favorite part is the ending (starting with “In sickness and in health”) — it contains truths in it that are usually only revealed by terrible suffering, but are also beautiful and right and amazing.

50 years 5 months 10 days How can I say they were not enough

when they were filled with so many adventures

so many plans realized

so many obstacles overcome

so many joys bubbling up in our days together

so many surprises unwrapped

so many special days celebrated

so many ideas nurtured to fruition

so much support for individual dreams

so many near misses averted

so many rough patches gotten through

so many problems overcome

so many hugs and kisses planted

so much love grown a heart nearly bursts to hold it all

so many laughs shared they echo inside me like a brook’s water over rounded stones

so much music and well worn books shared

so many pets loved and incorporated into our family

so much personal and professional growth fostered

In sickness and in health we supported one another

Until death do us part. And here is the surprise I find…

Death does not separate that which has grown together

and Love is forever and reaches through time in both directions

Bending back in our memories and forward in our hearts and actions.

No parting of spirits here….You will be in my heart forever….

Rest In Peace my best friend forever, Rest In Peace.