Monsters on your side

A giant monster came into my room
She had big fangs for teeth
And shaggy hair on her face and arms
Huge claws in her front paws and feet

I was scared of her, I’ll admit it now
Especially when she roared
Her mouth got so big it split her face
And drool from her teeth, it poured

I thought she was going to eat me
Or at least bite off my arm
But it turned out she would do neither
She’d come to protect me from harm

The monster and I are now best friends
We love to walk down the street
Holding each other, hand-in-paw,
And scaring the people we meet

For it’s not every day you meet a monster
And not every day she deflects
All of your ideas about monsters
By showing up to protect

All I can say is with fangs like those
And claws of such giant size
To meet a monster like the one she is
I’m just glad she’s on my side

I may not have literal monster friends, but I have friends who are big and scary-looking, with a heart of gold, who have made it their business to protect me. And there is nothing so secure as the feeling of knowing that if I was in danger, one of these friends would step in front of me and sort it out. Whether it’s immediate physical threats, or more abstract threats, the effect of having big scary monsters for friends is the same, and it is wonderful. My monster friends are teaching me to be a bit of a monster in and of myself, to stand up for myself and for others in effective ways. But before I could do that at all, my only option was to stand behind my monster friends and let them do the work of protecting me. I can never repay my monster friends for being such wonderful monsters.


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