Haiku #4: Mother’s sacrifice

feral cat knew traps
told my friend: take care of him
led her kitten in








Like most of my haikus, this is from a true story.  If you want to read more about Coal (the mother cat), and Shadow (her kitten), and even see videos of them, I would recommend reading Cats (topic submitted by kriswald) on my tumblr. The haiku is the short, poetic version. The tumblr post is the long, detailed version. Both have their merits and their drawbacks.

I hope they will give you a glimpse into the way that a mother’s love and self-sacrifice doesn’t change just because the species has changed and she isn’t human. Just as the squirrel haiku shows that a mother’s exasperation with a tiresome toddler doesn’t change either. The look on that ma squirrel’s face, I’ve seen on humans, cats, dogs, rodents, anyone who has kids and is fed up to here with them.