Haunted by the Living

I feel like I’m wandering
Through an empty house
And even though the place
Is completely barren
I can feel the presence
Of whoever just walked out the door

I don’t know how I got here
I don’t know how long till I can leave
The walls are white
The only thing that moves
Are the thin gauze curtains
In a breeze that I can’t feel

And I know someone was here
More than one, maybe five
But they walked out the door
They’re not here anymore
But I can feel them

I can feel where they used to be
The places they used to walk
The places they sat down together
To eat, to talk, to play, to be

They’ve left behind a breeze in my mind
That blows the curtains when I think of them
I don’t even know who they are
Or where they are now
But they’ve left themselves behind
Inside these rooms, inside my mind

And I’m left to wander in their wake
And wonder why I’m here
Wherever here is when it seems to be
Haunted by people who are still alive
All the rooms are white
And the breeze is the only sign of life

I sit down on the floor
To stop myself from wandering
I reach out my hand, in my mind
And I can feel you take it

And as I lie here on the white floor
Of the white room of the white house
With the white curtains
In the invisible breeze
That connection
Will have to be enough
For now

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