Where Winter Goes

I am at the tip of the icicle
Melting away
I am at the bank of a snow burst
Blinding you in the sun

And the sun it says wait for me
Meet me at summer

I laugh in its face
And I run far away, off to cry

Because summer is
Where winter goes to die

And I am the winter’s ice crystals
And I am the spirit of snow
Anything winter, this part of the world
That’s where I’m bound to go

And summer is
Where winter goes to die
I have to laugh at your invitation
Or surely I could only cry

I’m the frost on the grass
But there’s less of me now
The twigs are starting to bloom
There’s hail in the sky
Oh I’ve dwindled, not died
But the birds they are coming back soon
And the ice crystals form a halo
Around the moon

Is a year you hear a lot about
Around these parts
But it hasn’t happened since
And in my heart of hearts
I know I can’t hope
For a year-long winter

It’s been two hundred years
May be two hundred longer still
Meanwhile I can only
Hold on to the remnants of my chill

And my frost is melting, my love
My frost is melting
There’s nothing we can do
The frost is gone
And that separates me from you

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