Love Poem For People Like Me

This is what love can be:

I taste with the soles of my feet.  I taste dirt when I walk, but when my feet touch your skin, I taste fruit and sweat.  Your entire lifetime caresses its way through the scent of your hair.  I want to lay my face in your hair forever, smell your life, taste the tops of your feet with the bottoms of mine.  I want to smell that scent that only enters your sweat when we touch.

And then I want to curl in on myself until I become a marble, or a rock.  And place myself in your hand.  And you can put me in your pocket.

When you need reminding that something in this world is real.  When you need reminding that you are real.  Take me out of your pocket and hold me in your hand.  Feel the deep bass note resonate throughout our shared existence.

This is what love can be.

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